What is social ballroom dancing?Dance Steps

Social dancing is not competition or exhibition dancing. While all dancing can be fun and good exercise, social dancing helps you feel comfortable in social settings. Particularly important in social dancing are leading and following, music recognition and floor craft.

What if I don’t have a partner or my partner doesn’t want to take lessons?

Everyone is welcome in our classes. Every effort is made to provide some practice time with a partner during each class. Singles are encouraged to learn basic steps so when they are asked to dance at a social gathering, they will feel poised and confident.
Is your partner reluctant? Please see our About Us link. Initially, Charlie was a “reluctant” partner- and now he’s a teacher! Our methods are very simple and we promote an encouraging and accepting atmosphere.

What will we learn in 8 weeks?

We all learn at a different pace. Most people will take Ballroom I at least twice to feel secure in the basics. Ballroom II is ongoing- content varies with each session. Practicing at home between classes will help you learn more quickly.

Do we change partners during dance class?

No, not unless you want to. When we first began taking lessons we were more comfortable with each other as “learning partners”. We have found many couples share this feeling. However, as you gain experience dancing, you may want to change partners.

What to I wear to class?

Wear comfortable clothing so you can move easily. But please, no rubber soled shoes!

We’re taking a cruise, do we need to learn anything special?

Bon Voyage! Please tell us. Most cruise ships offer great music for social ballroom dancing and knowing how to dance will make your vacation a lot more fun. But dance floors on cruise ships are generally small so we’ll help you adjust to the space and the waves.

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